Corrupt, Dishonest, Deceptive actions are Punished by Law, not by People!

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of political statements such as : “Hang me in full public gaze, if you ever found me corrupt, dishonest!” OR “I will put myself to any punishment, which you fancy, if my decision proves wrong!”.

The reason for this dislike is : In a Country governed by law and representatives elected by people, such statements mean nothing.

Irrespective of how corrupt a person is or how deceptive his/her words & actions may be or how wrong he/she turns out to be in future; the punishment is always decided by the Law of the land. In simple, if the punishment for corruption is fine or imprisonment of a certain denomination or duration, then set aside the people, even the Court of law wouldn’t award a capital punishment or jail for life.

Hence it’s important for we “the People” to separate such rubbish talk of “I’m ready for any punishment you fancy” as mere “propaganda or Chunavi Jumla(election rhetoric)”. Thus you as an intelligent voter must apply this discretion to every politician and the political party. Your responsibility to sieve out mere rhetoric from real facts increases even more if you’re a young man or woman.

To conclude, corrupt, Dishonest and Deceptive practices of our elected representatives or public figures is judged by Court of Law. In a land governed by the rule of Law, no one but the Court of Law can punish people. That too when they find enough evidence against the accused. In addition, there cannot be more punishment than the Law prescribes for. And this good, as we are a NOT some Banana Republic (a small state that is politically unstable). We’re a great country which is governed by the rule of Law.

Hence if any one exhorts (in Hindi “Aahvaahan”) voters from a daïs that he/she is ready for any punishment they want subject him/her to, then just see it as some rubbish talk.

There’s one punishment which you as voter can give and must give to such meaningless rhetoric from a public Dias (in Hindi “Manch”). Don’t vote for such boaster(s).