Corsair RM Series Announced: Ultra Quiet Power Supplies

Corsair RM Series: Ultra Quiet Power Supplies. New Corsair RM Series PSUs Deliver Ultra-Quiet Operation, 80PLUS Gold Efficiency, & Corsair Link Monitoring.


Corsair today launched its new ultra quiet power supplies — the RM Series. The RM Series Power Supplies Units (PSUs) replace the TX Series line while adding improved 80 PLUS® Gold level energy efficiency, whisper-quiet operation, and monitoring capability.

The RM Series PSUs are available in models with power capacities from 450 to 1000 watts and are compatible with the latest Intel® CoreTM processors codenamed Ivy Bridge E and Haswell.  

Ultra Quite Power Supply Units


The RM Series PSUs are designed to be exceptionally quiet even when delivering high levels of power. Built with low-noise capacitors and transformers, the PSUs feature a Zero RPM Fan Mode which only spins the PSU fan under the heaviest loads, allowing near silent operation in most everyday usage. The custom designed fan is extremely quiet at all speeds, allowing the PSU to remain remarkably quiet even while the fan is running.

Like all Corsair PSUs, the RM Series power supplies are designed with high-quality components and are guaranteed to deliver clean, stable, continuous power. The RM Series PSUs have 80 PLUS Gold rating, that is offering energy efficiency up to 90% (92% on 230V AC), reducing energy waste and lowering electrical bills.


With a Corsair Digital Bridge cable, included with RM1000 model and optional with other models, RM Series power supplies can be connected to a PC motherboard or a Corsair Link hub for real-time monitoring of fan speed and +12V power delivery via Corsair Link software. The fully modular RM Series PSUs include low-profile black cables, enabling enthusiasts to easily build PCs that are uncluttered and run cooler and quieter. Optional individually sleeved cable kits are available in multiple colors to allow users to customize the look of their PCs.

Corsair RM Series, Ultra Quiet Power Supplies


Availability and Warranty

The RM Series PSUs are immediately available, from Corsair’s worldwide network of authorized distributors and resellers. The Power Supplies come with a limited 5-year warranty, customer service and technical support.



Continuous Power


450 watts


550 watts


650 watts


750 watts


850 watts


1000 watts