Cozy Thermostat could be preventing you lose weight

According to a report, published in the journal Obesity Reviews, there is a link between obesity and warmer indoor temperatures.

The study finds that the higher or more cozy the temperatures inside one’s home or Office, higher are the chances of the person gaining or retaining weight.

The science behind this is simple. When it’s warmer, the body doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain a normal body temperature and that leads to a reduction in the amount of energy burned. And weight loss is nothing but fast metabolism or burning bodily energy fast.

How the study was conducted:

The scientists looked at trends in how both American and British people heated their homes, learning that over the years the average indoor temperature in homes has been going up. And then simply linking the study data with the present prevalence of obesity in the two countries via the science behind weight loss.

What does the findings of the study mean?

As already said, the study simply makes a correlation between average indoor temperatures and the present prevalence of obesity in the two countries. This means that merely lowering one’s thermostat at office or at work will help one lose weight or nor gain any. In short the findings don’t mean it’s appropriate to replace proper diet and exercise with lowering the thermostat.

What is advised:

Incorporate activity in your lifestyle, eat properly, get adequate levels of sleep , make sure there isn’t a health issue that contributes to your weight.

Although it’ll not be bad to lower down the thermostat, as apart from the science which tells you too cozy reduces your metabolism; too much fluctuation between indoor and outdoor temperatures is also not very good for your body as well.

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