Crash diets can make you kill someone

The lawyers of an Army Reserve soldier, Army Staff Sgt. Rashad Valmon, on trial for murder in Georgia, are claiming that the soldier killed a superior because he was dehydrated and delirious from a crash diet after being ordered to lose weight, AP reports.

According to the soldier’s fiancée, Valmon quit eating and put in extra hours at the gym and sauna after being ordered by a supervisor to shed 3 percent of his body fat quickly.

Two days later he walked into a different superior’s office with a gun, shot the man six times.

Crash Diets can Have Serious Side-effects.

A military psychiatrist testified before the court that the soldier was delirious from dehydration and other effects of fasting. If proved guilty, Valmon may face life in prison.

Although, the soldier was not on a crash diet for long, to show serious effects of a crash diet; but crash diets do result in symptoms like dehydration, depression, low blood pressure etc.

Hence crash diets should best be avoided as a way to lose weight.