Create Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on same Device

Dual SIM smartphones are close to Indians. A Dual SIM in a smartphone is a USP itself. That’s why the proliferation of dual SIM smartphones in India is really ground breaking. Equally exponential growth in India is that of Whatsapp. Under this scenario, You will find many people carrying phabets (smartphone + tablet) Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on same Deviceeverywhere you go. Many such Whatsapp users with a Dual SIM smartphone want to use Whatsapp on both their SIMs or numbers , on the same device. The idea is to clearly segregate the professional and personal sphere s of one’s socializing.

To accomplish this all you need is an app , called Switchme Multiple Accounts. Those who are using tablets and smartphones for long would have used similar apps for multiple emails. Below are the steps to install the Switchme Multiple App, to enable you to use two Whatsapp accounts on the same device :

1. Install Switchme Multiple App
2. Open it and create two different WhatsApp accounts/profiles (one linked to each mobile number).
3. The first account (where you install Whatsapp) will automatically be made Administrator Account, which will be master account having access to all data apps on the smartphone. It will be the default download Whatsapp account.
4. For the Second or Slave Whatsapp account, you will have to reinstall Whatsapp and activate. For that simply open Switchme App and select the secondary account. then download the Whatsapp. Followed by registration and activation.

That’s it.