Credit Card Sized standalone phone, smartphone mate | DOEL ET 106

DOEL has introduced a unique product ‘Card feature phone’. What is a Card feature phone? It’s a basic phone of a size of a credit card. I got to know about this concept nearly a year ago. A Card feature phone is a sleek and ultra-light phone with basic phone capabilities, easier enough to fit in your wallet. DOEL Card feature phone is sleek, ultra-light GSM enabled phone. It can be used as a standalone phone or if you wish you can connect it with your current smartphone via Bluetooth.

Credit Card Sized standalone phone smartphone mate ultra slim DOEL ET 106

In the unveiling event, Sudip De, Director at DOEL International Pvt Ltd. said,

“We at Doel constantly push technology beyond boundaries to deliver innovative solutions that transform the way our customers use technology. Card feature phone is simple and thoughtfully designed to be used as minimal as possible. We have kept only essential features in this phone which actually matters for people and allow them to enjoy the life free of distractions be it enjoying exotic scene while hiking or serene romantic dinner with your spouse.”

Key Features of Doel Card Feature Phone

  • Powered by 500mAh Lithium-ion battery which offers a talk time of 2 days and standby time of up to 3 days
  • Compact, sleek (see the above picture for comparison)
  • Uses micro SIM card and can be used as basic phone
  • Offers the most basic features such as lets you take and make calls, access contacts, send read SMSs and listen to music.
  • Offers a bit more advanced features such as ability to connect Card feature phone to your current smartphone via Bluetooth(Bluetooth 3.0). Once connected it allows users to read contacts, SMS, view call history and allows to make call.
  • 4G SIM enabled

DOEL ET 106 Card Feature Phone Price, Availability and Warranty

Card Feature Phone comes in Black and White color with MRP of Rs. 3,000/- and is available with a warranty of 1 year.

Opinion: The ET 106 Card feature phone looks a good offering. Although it seems to have quite a limited use. To be effective it not only needs to be dependable but pretty robust as well. Will it survive if put inside a wallet in back trouser pocket!

That apart it must connect easily and faultlessly with the main smartphone. If it’s used outdoors then it must have great audio as well. Other-wise what’s the point of listening music on it.