Cricketer David Warner Children’s Book — “The Kaboom Kid”

David Warner children’s book series will be a four Books series. Two launched during upcoming Christmas, and the other two before ICC World Cup 2015.

Parents are often in dilemma as to what kind of role model they should encourage their kid to follow. Since genius or razor sharp people are often prone to mood swings and emotions, a hardworking person who has achieved something in his/her chosen field is always a good choice for the parents. Having a hard working person as your kid’s role model can ensure one of the most basic keys to success: The hard work. This doesn’t always true for a genius, who many a times fails to to succeed because of his/her too much reliance on the talent. That’s why telling one’s kid to emulate a genius, is particularly not good. Keeping these factors in mind, the Aussie cricketer makes a perfect role model for the kids, he’s hardworking and has refined his talent or genius, over the years. The David Warner Children’s Book series is thus perfect for kids. The four book David Warner Children’s Book series will sow right work ethics in childen during their most receptive years.

David Warner Book series for children tells why you need passion to be successful in your chosen activity

david warner kaboom kidThat said, Australian batsman David Warner is often seen as a hard working cricketer. A person who has toiled hard to perfect his craft. That’s why he’s a popular person among Australian kids.

To get himself closer to kids , David Warner is all set to launch a children’s book series called “Kaboom Kid.” The book features little Davey Warner, a cricket-mad rascal and the best batsman on his residential block. Two of the four books will be released in December 2014, with one hitting stores in January and another in March 2015.

According to the press release of the book, the Kaboom book series for 8-12 year olds, will have a Little Davey Warner lookalike. Warner, who is one of the most popular cricketer in Australia to children will surely want the kids to learn, what he thinks — “The Key To Success”. That’s why the David Warner Children’s book will be launched when the festive gifting and cricket is frenzy is at its height, the Christmas and the ICC World Cup 2015 respectively.