Had to Cross-check correctness of Ananth Kumar’s death Multiple times!

After writing about Union Minister Ananth Kumar ji’s death yesterday morning, I had to cross check the correctness of the news all through the day.


Because except for the Twitter and online news websites; No TV News channel was airing the news. It was only late in the evening, when mainstream TV news channels started headlining and reporting about Ananth Kumar’s untimely death.

What may be the reason?

It is an important question because all through the day, the same TV news channels were reporting Prime Minister’s speech bits from his Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh rally, he receiving Cargo container at Varanasi, his landing on river Ganga etc. The same TV news channels had been reporting about the first phase of state elections in Chhattisgarh as well. …

The same TV news channels had been reporting about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plans to attend Ananth Kumar’s funeral today.

Then why a complete silence most of yesterday, on a sitting Union minister’s death?

Does that mean the TV news channels will cover only those events where the Prime Minister is present?

This is not some nit-picking, it is a relevant question. It is surprising that these channels not even gave a token coverage to the sad incident, until the Prime minister had made a personal visit to mourn the leader’s death sometime in the evening.

Does that imply the conventional media will not report anything, unless the Prime Minister is in their camera frame?

If TV news channels start making their daily reporting schedule based on Prime minister’s foundation laying events and speeches; that too agreeably; then who needs such a conventional media!