Media creating an atmosphere of an impending War… BEWARE!

These days many media houses in India have become war mongers. They are continuously talking about Indian Army, India’s security and pampering soldiers to an overt extent.

There’s something called war mongering. The meaning of war mongering is encouraging or advocating aggression towards other countries or groups. These days many media houses in India have become war mongers. They are continuously talking about Indian Army and India’s security. They are pampering soldiers to an extent that it appears “India exists because of Army” and not the other way round.

Take for instance, an article published in today’s Dainik Jagran. The article tells us about “Dainik Jagran — Bharat Raksha Parva”. The event, according to the Media house is being celebrated from the past 15 years. It will begin on 7th of July, that’s today, and will continue till August 07 2017. As part of the one month long celebrations, two “Rathas” (Religiously decorated Trucks) will start from Kanpur and will take two different routes to Jammu and Siliguri. En-route, the rathas will keep collecting “Rakhis” and messages from the people (mothers and sisters, according to the article). These Rakhis (Religiously decorated wrist bands) will finally be tied on the wrists of the soldiers protecting our borders. A third “Ratha” will start from Raipur, Chhattisgarh and will reach Jammu via the cities of Chhattisgarh & Madhya Pradesh.

This is nothing but war mongering.

For some vested reasons, people are made to think about some impending war or threat looming over the Nation. The vested interests may be to divert people’s attention from more important issues such as price rise, unemployment and growth paralysis. Or it may be to mobilize people for some upcoming elections. But whatever be the reasons, it’s wrong for the media to create such an atmosphere (for any master, for any reason).

There’s a definite pattern and planning in this event. There will obviously be, after all it’s an event. But the question is why?

Many a times saying something about Indian Army is construed as unnecessary. After all they protect our borders. But no one is criticizing army here.

The point being made here is simple — Although the Nation feels eternally indebted to its Army (defense forces); the Nation provides the best it can provide to its soldiers. It’s very convenient during these days, say “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” and make an irresponsible comment that the Nation doesn’t do much for its soldiers. But the moment you compare the lives of an unemployed (or inadequately employed) youth and a soldier. You instantly see who’s living a more difficult life. Obviously, the unemployed or inadequately employed young man or woman.

That said, there’s a certain pattern being seen in Dainik Jagran’s — Bharat Raksha Parva. Although its itinerary of events en-route to the destination includes patriotic “Nukkad Nataks” (Road Plays); its plan of collecting “Rakhis” is quite problematic.

If one turns over the pages of history, then one finds the instances of Rakhi, either as a mode used by some helpless woman soliciting help from a stranger at the time of some impeding war, or as a mode of unifying people against some common enemy. For instance, there are instances in Mediaval & Modern Indian History of some Muslim queen sending a Rakhi to a Hindu king to solicit help at the possibility of some war; and vice-versa. In the same manner, there are instances where a Rakhi is used by political Leaders to mobilize and unify people during some common enemy. For instance, the day of reunification of Bengal in 1911, was celebrated as a day of unity; and on that day politicians encouraged Hindus and Muslims to tie Rakhis on each other’s wrists.

To conclude, showing one’s indebtedness to the Forces is alright. What is wrong is creating an atmosphere, where Nation becomes second to the Army (part of Defense Forces).

Orchestrating such events as Bharat Raksha Parv, every now and then, simply creates an atmosphere of a war looming over the Country. Too much anything is wrong. It will only create a generation of timid, war mongering citizens.

There’s one more aspect to this : If you as an Engineer, Factory Employee, teacher, banking professional, Sweeper etc. or as some unemployed youth, sees a soldier’s service to the Nation much important than yours then instead of focusing on a soldier’s service, you must be focusing on your own. You may not be doing your work that effectively, dutifully.