Dalai Lama does NOT make His Celibacy a Big Deal !

… And this makes him a much loved and respected person the World over.

This is very different from preachers from other religions, who always have a tendency to put themselves on a higher pedestal than the non-celibate beings.

In 2012 interview, when Dalai Lama was asked whether he subscribes to celibacy or not, the monk, said Yes ( That’s Dalai Lama does subscribe to a vow of celibacy or vow of having no Sex).

But when in the very next question, he it’s difficult for him, he accepted that he also feels the temptation and a certain desire. But when he sees the bigger picture (his chosen path), then he realizes that succumbing to the temptation will result in a mental state, an emotional state, with too many ups and downs. Something which is not good for the Life he has chosen for himself. With a smile, he compared the minds of celibate people more steady than non-celibate ones, which is an advantage for monks like him in long run (As celibacy doesn’t create emotional baggage in long run).

Isn’t it beautiful!

The revered Lama answered one of the most publicly shunned or despised questions by religious leaders. He made it just a matter of choice.

What’s even more beautiful is that he didn’t make a big deal about his celibacy vow. There’s no talk of sin or heaven. There’s no preaching. For him, it’s just his chosen path!