'Dead Man's Tunnel' is for murder mystery Lovers

The author Sheldon Russell was a quite professor at the University of Central Oklahoma, who no one guessed would gain notable success as a novelist.

The latest novel “Dead Man’s Tunnel” is the third offering in his Hook Runyon series. Another will be published in the months ahead.

Russell, in all, he has six novels to his credit.

Dead Man’s Tunnel (Hook Runyon Mysteries)

About the Book:

The Book set in the time close of World War II, is about a one armed ex hobo, who along with his dog solves a murder which took place in a tunnel, in up arizona.

The Book is for those, who apart from having linking for mysteries, want the characters to out do each other in verbal dual. Yes, the novel’s hero and the other characters are masters of sharp comebacks in their conversations, each trying to outdo the other in sarcasm.


The Book has received 5 out of 5 stars at Amazon.

The Book has been given excellent marks by reviews at other places as well