Dear To-Be-Brides — Avoid crash diets

It has been often seen that, to be brides many a times take resort of crash diets to fit into their lower size wedding dress. For them, the lure of “making their wedding a day of their lifetime” is enough to set on an all-out war on their excess pounds. A war, which puts at stake all the healthy talk, is simply losing that number of pounds, come what may be.

The result:

Even after losing more than 22 pounds in a short time (one and a half month), by eating an “all fruit” diet; they can’t enjoy their Wedding-Day.


As the bride had to deal with low BP and severe headache on the wedding day.

Notably, such is the craze of looking skinny on the wedding day (because of beauty and social factors); increasing number of girls are going on crash diets to before their weddings.

Not even to be brides, but young girls, men and people from any walks of life are resorting on crash diets to shed pounds by a certain date, event.

But, they forget one thing: This is nothing less that abusing one’s body.

Why This is an abuse on one’s body:

Body is made to perform many tasks: Like creating its own energy which is used for countless jobs, like – repairing itself, creating new cells, keeping itself warm, physical activity, mental activity etc. And this energy comes from a range of foods, carbohydrates, proteins and fats; at different rates. Foods like fruits and vegetables are an important source of vitamins and minerals which help the body function well.

Now, going on a one food diet, is equivalent to preventing it from other food types, which are important for its survival. For instance, cutting on carbohydrates (rice, potato etc) devoid the body of the nutrient which it uses to generate energy in smallest time(carbohydrates take smallest time among all food types to get converted into energy. Avoiding the body of this readily generated energy means the person will feel less agile and may even feel depressed. Thus people who go on a strictly protein diet, like the Atkins, make themselves prone to depression, as even though protein gives energy, it doesn’t give as readily as carbohydrates.)

Going on a strict “fruit only” diet is that is even more harmful to the body, as over all, fruits are not considered sources of energy; their function is to run all the body functions smoothly. But the irony is those fruits which are considered very wholesome (that is can provide energy, like mango, banana) are totally avoided from such “Fruit only” diet.

As a result, the weight loss achieved in the time frame is a shear abuse of the body; which can have very harmful consequences for the body. If one adds the fact that, such extreme weight loss is quite reversible (the person gets the lose pounds quickly too) and the person gets a habit of going into such crash diets again and again; the body has to suffer long term consequences as well.


1) There is not Miracle formula to lose weight
2) Losing weight requires effort and time
3) The right way to lose weight is: Eat healthy, in right quantities and exercising regularly
4) Going for a “single nutrient” diet or crash diets like Atkins, fruit only diets is contrary to body functioning. So such diets at best be avoided.
5) While losing weight, one should follow this simple rule: You have gained all those pounds in months and years; the body should ideally take the same time to lose all those pounds. So setting some deadline is not good.
6) Losing weight needs Positive Life Style change in a gradual manner — a positive change means eating healthy, in right quantities and exercising regularly
7) A person doesn’t look beautiful if he/she is of a particular weight or is thin. A person looks beautiful if he/she loves himself/herself and the body is healthy. Rather than going for an unrealistic weight loss in a short time; choose clothes which use optical illusion to make you have a lean look.