Debate on what to choose — HCG diet plan or weight loss surgery?

The popularity of HCG diet has made many people discuss one question, “what is a better option to lose weight — HCG diet or Weight Loss Surgery?

To be honest, even when both the methods are used by obese and extremely overweight people, the comparison between the two is absurd.

As there is no sane logic in comparing the two.

The reason is simple: Weight Loss surgery is ALWAYS prescribed by a doctor; while the HCG diet is much like other diets, which more often than not, are tried by people on their own.

That apart, HCG DIET or HCG drops diet is not a regular diet
. HCG Diet tries to help the dieter lose weight by altering the rate of metabolism of the dieter with the help of a particular hormone. In the HCG or Human chorionic gonadotropin diet, a dieter has to take daily injections(drops available too) of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone — A hormone found in the urine of pregnant women. In addition to these shots, the dieter has to take just 500 calories a day (500 calories are the least number of calories that are required to be taken by a healthy person).

The fact that, hormones are very delicate chemicals produced by human body to regulate the functioning of every vital organ, makes injecting hormones from outside or altering the quantities of those already present in the body, so risky.

Take for instance, a hormone called Insulin. An organ called pancreas, secretes insulin, which regulates the level of sugar in blood (Insulin is a hormone central to regulating carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the body).

Will a healthy man, whose pancreas is secreting insulin normally and body utilizing it perfectly, be advised to take insulin from outside? The answer is obvious.

In the same way, injecting a hormone to lose weight, no matter how effective the method is, is equally absurd. This is risky, as many hormones regulate more than one vital function in the body.

For instance, suppose a particular hormone may be responsible to regulate the heartbeat; the same hormone may also be regulating the liver, not even the doctor knowing it; as the latter function of that hormone, may simply not have been documented yet.

Experts claim Weight loss surgery to be safe only because it is always prescribed by a doctor. No one gets his/her surgery done, on his/her own will. In some medical conditions, where hormones are required to be administered to patients; the administration is done under strict supervision of a doctor or a team of doctors. Just imagine, how much safe would it be to pick up some hormone from a shop shelf to lose weight?

It’s wrong to compare the weight loss surgery and HCG Diet. The reasons are already discussed above. Any person, who wants to lose weight, should try to lose weight, slowly, by making positive changes to his/her lifestyle – which mean eating healthy, in right quantity and by exercising regularly or including adequate activity in one’s daily life. If a person is too obese, and has medical problems, then the first step before going for any weight loss method is to consult a doctor; and query doc on how to lose weight safely.