Decided to get a real job… Mostly Happy now

In 2008 I met a wonderful and accomplished Blogger from Hong Kong. he was accomplished as he not only managed to get his blogs truckloads of traffic, but also climb PR (page Rank) from none to PR5 or PR6 in a couple of days.

Got disconnected with the guy for most of the time after that. Today I checked for him to see what his blogging has reached today.

His Facebook Profile update of 2010 says this:

Hi everyone, sorry for the long absence. Got kinda burned out so I took some time off. Also decided to get a real job. Mostly happy now.

This kind of amazed me. Why will such an expert leave blogging or make it second job?

The Answer I assume lies in teh very nature of online ventures and blogging. There are so many aspects or variables to Blogging that it’s hard to know whether a person stuck in blogging will be better off blogging or taking some real job. For my friend, the real job proved to be satisfying.

To conclude, if you’re blogging day in and day out and still not seeing results. You can think about two alternates: Say Good bye to blogging and take a real job; or if you are determined to succeed in virtual job or blogging, then study extensively, what is making you fail in blogging so far.

Happy Blogging!