Delhi Belly cure — A Pill

Scientists create a vaccine pill against Delhi Belly or Traveller’s tummy

delhi belly

Delhi Belly is a common medical condition among tourists visiting Delhi. Delhi Belly condition causes cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea due to intake of contaminated food and water – in those travelling to India and other tropical countries. Scientists at the University of Cambridge, London have developed a pill to prevent Delhi belly.

According to the researchers the new Delhi Belly vaccine can be swallowed to help them fight the bacteria, enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli, that causes the illness. It will also offer protection against another travellers’ disease – typhoid (caused by Salmonella). Those visiting any tropical country where these diseases are known would just need to swallow a capsule.

Delhi belly, or traveller’s tummy, affects an estimated 10 million people each year and up to half of all international travellers visiting India and other tropical countries, reports The Telegraph.

The scientists, who are working with a drug company Prokarium to develop the vaccine, also hope to produce vaccines against other bacteria including Clostridium difficile. The scientists plan to start Delhi Belly vaccine pill clinical trials in humans later this year.