Delhi Metro is Impressive!

Delhi Metro Rail

Delhi Metro Dwarka Sector 8 Station…Sparkling Clean!

This weekend I had the opportunity to board Delhi Metro Rail. I boarded the train from ISBT and traveled all the way to Dwarka Sector 8. For Dwarka, one has to disembark the Jahangirpuri Metro (which I boarded from ISBT) at Rajiv Chowk (earlier known as Connaught Place and is one of major nodes in Delhi Metro rail route, from where major branching routes emanate) and board the one for Dwarka Sector 21 or Dwarka City Center. The metro on this route has two rows of seats parallel to the tracks. Most the the commuters thus have to travel standing. But this is no problem as Metro is smooth as an elevator. The fewer seats is understandable for two reasons: 1) More commuters can travel and 2) If seated, then commuters can’t board or disembark the train quickly.

Metro made me cover this distance in less than an hour. That too at just Rs 27. An auto-rickshaw for that distance easily takes Rs 500-600.

To tell you, Delhi Metro is impressive! The platforms, security systems, cleanliness, escalators and over all commuter management is world-class and impressive. The Delhi Metro route, which now covers most of Delhi and NCR area, with the Gurgaon Metro Rail starting its operations only last Thursday, is everything a modern day public transport must be. The routes and the directions are intuitive; with well laid out route maps above every carriage door ways. To serve the commuters better,  every time the metro rail reaches a station, the commuters are informed in Hindi and English language about the station reached. Once the rail departs for the next station, the commuters are informed in advance the station being approached.

What makes Delhi Metro rail great are the very helpful staff and Delhi-ites. Yes, Delhi-ites seem really proud of their Metro. That’s why they are more than happy to offer directions and educate new about their Metro.  They have kept their metro sparking clean and pristine as well.