Delhi Sexual Assault : Has India or Delhi become safer for women?

Sexual Assault Against Women – Has India become Safer for women?

On the completion of One year of the Delhi Sexual Assault, many newspapers and TV channels are asking an important question today: Has India become safer for Women in the past one year?

sexual assaults on women in indiaThe question is being asked under the light of this piece of data :

In the past one year, after the Nirbhaya Incident, the number of sexual assault cases registered by Delhi Police have increased 125 percent. The eve-teasing cases registered by Delhi police have increased by 400 percent.

What do you think? Has India or Delhi become safer for women?

As far as we are concerned. The increase in the case registered is a good sign. It means that women are coming forward to report any atrocity against their person. It’s not possible for any country, state or society to bring to zero, criminal activities taking place inside its boundaries. Only thing it can do is give people the faith, courage and belief that whenever they have to register a complaint they can do so without any fear or shame; and that complaint will be heard and justice will be delivered.

The increase in complaints registered is thus a positive sign for women in the country. It’s a testimony to the fact that the recent changes made to laws in the area of sexual assault against women are already giving positive results.

PS: Even after clear guidelines from the Apex Court, many newspapers are still using the word Rape instead of Sexual Assault. It’s unfortunate.