Delhi Sexual Assault victim gave Tution to Support Her Studies…So what?

“Delhi Sexual Assault victim gave Tution to Support Her Studies”

This was the headline of an article published in Aaj Tak yesterday. The article mainly tried to inform the world that, the Girl was studious and serious about her studies; and to support her studies gave tution.

Nirbhaya jyoti singh Sexual Assault Victim. Another bright girl dies of sexual assaultSo what? Means, why is it propagated that the Girl was indeed inclined to her Studies.

What if the girl, would not have been a Good student? What if on the unfortunate day, the Girl was indeed with her boy friend and after watching the movie, was lovingly sitting very close to the boy in the bus? Does that make the incident less damning or less unfortunate?

Actually, this is the mindset.

A mindset, which tries to prove that: the girl was NOT wearing fashionable cloths, the boy with who she was sitting was not her boyfriend and the Girl was indeed studious; and even then this thing happened. And that’s why it’s sad.

A Question: Will such an assault (sexual assault, body mutilation for instance disembowelment which means taking out the intestine to torture) is  justified on a Girl who is fashionable, freedom loving, having a boyfriend and so on?