Destiny brings Modi Govt and Salman Khan in the same Situation!

Ever since actor Salman Khan made a pubic comment that — “Pakistan Actors and artists come to India on a valid Visa, given to them by the Central Government of India” — he has to face all sorts of indignities right from tagging him as someone suffering from ‘Foot in Mouth’ disease to him being called a traitor.

Why?  As all these so-called patriots find all Pakistanis as terrorists.

Call it the God’s own ways, but the same people who are feeling extra patriotism these days, will have a tough call to make in the next few days.

Why? As a Hindu couple of different nationalities, scheduled to marry the next month, has today requested the Minister of External Affairs, Ms. Sushma Swaraj to solve the Visa issue of the Bride and her family. What is the problem here? The Groom and his family are Indian citizens and living in Rajasthan; and the Bride & her family are from Pakistan. The families are Sindhis.

The External Affairs Minister has told the groom not to worry; as the matter will be resolved.

See, Modi Govt and Salman Khan are in the same Situation now!

Lets see how things pan out now.

[UPDATE: The Pakistani Bride and her family have been given a Visa. And the Minister of External Affairs, Ms. Sushma Swaraj solved the issue within a couple of days. As promised. ]