Devi Puttingal temple | Stop Linking Fireworks to Fulfillment of Wishes

As per the latest reports, the death toll in Devi Puttingal temple of Paravur Kerala, has touched 109. Very Unfortunate and sad incident.

According to experts, nearly all the rules were violated.

Lets see how the flouters of the rules are made responsible for the incident.

Yesterday, some news channels were reporting on these lines…

… it’s an age-old tradition at the 500-year-old Devi Puttingal Temple of Paravur municipality in Kollam, to have fireworks after midnight during Navratras. Locals believe that having fireworks after mid-night during navratras, makes the wishes fulfilled of the devotees….

What I want to point out here is the way fulfillment of wishes is linked to fireworks. They can’t be linked that easily. Because…

The History of Fireworks in India can be traced back to the early 19th century (early 1800s). `Bhakthapu’ or Bengal Lights, the small mudpot, emitting bright yellow lights, became the first ever firework manufactured in India.The first Fireworks factory was set up in Calcutta which produced color matches, sparkly fountains and large size crackers and star matches.The industry was shifted to Sivakasi from Kolkatta, subsequently.The Indian Explosives Act introduced in 1940 enforced a system of licensing for manufacture, possession and sale of fireworks.

That apart, the invention of Fireworks took place in China, about 2000 years ago.