Devinder Sharma of Team Ramdev is a Bitter Man

Do you know Devinder Sharma? He’s an Agricultural Scientist; who represents Team Ramdev in many News Channel debates. With due respect to his views and education; he appears a Bitter Man.

He is a Bitter man, as he attacks people out of context. For instance, while on a panel, discussing “Vote on FDI” today, he said, “FDI will be beneficial to Congress; and Sonia Gandhi”. Now dragging Sonia Gandhi into the mix is totally uncalled for. Sonia Gandhi will benefit from the FDI, only as much as her party will.

In case Mr. Sharma wants to point to benefits, other than votes, which Sonia Gandhi will gain out of FDI; he like a gentleman should clearly state those. But he’ll not, actually he always speaks in an indirect manner.