Diabetes drug Onglyza does not reduce Heart Attacks, cardiovascular ailments

Diabetes drug Onglyza did not reduce heart attacks, strokes, or death from cardiovascular causes compared to a placebo


Diabetes drug OnglyzaPharma Companies make tall claims. Especially in those markets which are least regulated. Even in countries where one believes exist stringent pharma marketing Laws; there’s no dearth of marketing pitches. But nevertheless developed markets like US, so have some controls in this regard. Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. and AstraZeneca PLC (USA) said Wednesday their diabetes drug Onglyza did not reduce heart attacks, strokes, or death from cardiovascular causes compared to a placebo. These results are a result of the Clinical trials conducted by the said companies. To understand this better, the revelation simply means that the drug Onglyza and a sugar Pill with no medicinal properties (a placebo) have the same effect on the diabetics — that’s no effect on heart and cardiovascular ailments. It’s here important to underline that the Onglyza drug are not anyway inferior to placebo, they are just as potent as a sugar pill, with respect to those ailments.

The Companies will present more details from the study at a scientific conference in September.

Diabetes drug Onglyza is a once-per-day pill that increases insulin production while reducing glucose production. It was approved in 2009. As part of that approval the Food and Drug Administration required Bristol-Myers and AstraZeneca to run another study to investigate any additional benefits for the drug (The recent clinical trials were a result of  some ongoing Lawsuit as well). The trial began in 2010.

The companies sell several diabetes drugs, including Onglyza, Kombiglyze, Bydureon and Byetta. Kombiglyze contains Onglyza and metformin, an older diabetes drug. In the first quarter of 2013 sales of Onglyza and Kombiglyze grew 25 percent to $202 million.

Diabetes Drugs in India:

Diabetes is a Lifestyle disease. With the increase in sedentary jobs in India; the diabetes is on a rise. This means growing diabetes market in India as well. Since India has process patent for manufacturing of drugs, a diabetic may or may not know the clear benefits and side effects of a certain diabetic drug. It’s also possible that the diabetes drug Onglyza like combinations are selling in India under different brand name. Hence to be on the safer side, a diabetic in India needs to clearly ask the doctor about the benefits and side effects.