Dick Cheney’s struggle with cardiac disease and treatment chronicled in New Book

Dick Cheney’s struggle with cardiac disease and treatment chronicled in New Book

Former US Vice President Dick Cheney is writing a book about his struggle with cardiac disease. The Book which chronicles his multiple heart problems and his heart transplant earlier 2012, is a collaborative effort with his cardiologist, Jonathan Reiner, and with his daughter, Liz Cheney. The untitled book, to be published by Scribner, will be available next fall (October-November 2013). [Update: November 2013 : The Book has been released, and is titled Heart: An American Medical Odyssey]

Cheney who is 71 year old now, said this to a noted newspaper,

“It explains and talks about all the developments in cardiology by going through my own case. I’m alive today because of the tremendous advances that have been made.”

Post his Heart transplant surgery earlier this year, Cheney has slowly reemerged into public life.

In July, he hosted a $30,000 per plate fundraiser for Mitt Romney at his Wyoming home.

img_dc_2013_bThe Book (on Left) will be an enlightening read on “Living with a ailing Heart” for any one. Cheney suffered five heart attacks throughout his life, and used an electronic pacemaker before his heart transplant surgery in March. It took Cheney, less than two years to get a new heart.

In his own words, the book came during an appearance with his cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic. Cheney called his recovery “nothing short of a miracle.”

Cheney known to joke freely about his electronic pacemaker; was once mischievously blamed by Comedian Craig Ferguson, at David Letterman Tonight, for staring at Ferguson’s wife’s b***s. Now we know, Cheney may be staring at her healthy Heart. 🙂