Diet Glasses to make you Eat Less

It’s often said that “one’s eyes are bigger than one’s stomach” Or if said another way, then “Hunger is in the Eye”.

That’s, your eyes make you ingest more food than your stomach actually wants.

Basing their research on the same premise, a group of Japanese scientists are working on a concept; which is being called the ‘diet glasses’.

Diet Glasses are glasses or spectacles with magnifying glasses that make forkfuls or morsels appear larger.

The idea is to trick the brain think that you’re eating more than you actually are; so that you feel full earlier, informs Michitaka Hirose, one of the professors behind the “diet-glasses,”

How Diet Glasses work:

A camera and viewing system are built into the glasses. As you bring your hand towards your mouth, the camera captures an image and after processing it on an attached computer, replays it back through the glasses but with a different size.

To trick your brain better, the system only magnifies the size of the forkful, keeping your hand size non-magnified (your hand at its actual size while adjusting the appearance of the food to look up to 50 percent bigger or about 33 percent smaller). This is to realistically trick your brain into thinking you’re eating more than you really are.

Do Diet Glasses make you Eat Less?

During the study of 12 men and women in their twenties to thirties were asked to eat as many cookies as they could, stopping only when they felt full. The participants who wore the glasses reportedly ate 9.3 % less than those who didn’t wear them.