Diet sounds like Die at !

Diet sounds like Die at ! Size Zero charm, Congress’s Food Security Bill, weight loss diets, Rahul Gandhi and more. Sunday Musings.


Diet sounds like Die at ! Size Zero charm, Congress’s Food Security Bill, weight loss diets and more. Sunday Musings, nothings more nothing less.

State of Mind

“Poverty is just a state of mind. If you are willing to work hard, if you have the self-confidence, you can come out of it”.

Rahul Gandhi said something like that. “Hunger is a state of mind. If you are willing to conquer it, you can come out of it, if you have the self-confidence” said a RaGa fan friend of mine.

Some of my friends on the world wide web and in real life are fitness freaks. Some are obsessed with diet. But fortunately many of them are like me, who love to live, love and laugh and then eat !

Size zero Charm

Size zero charm.  This charm for the size zero figure often drives people towards masochism and self torture. Size zero charm can push one to unhealthy eating. Size zero charm made popular by Kareena kapoor, has made the lives of many parents miserable. They got extra task of educating their girls on the health hazards of Size zero figure.

Isabelle Caro (12 September 1982 – 17 November 2010) was a French model and actress from Marseille, France, who became well known after appearing in a controversial advertising campaign “No Anorexia”. Till death, she kept fighting against Fashion industry’s fascination for Anorexic models.

This charm for the size zero figure (gets the name from the size zero lingerie size) often drives people towards masochism and self torture. Anorexia Nervosa is a condition well documented in young girls with size zero fixation. My effort has been to dissuade my teenage daughter from going anorexic. No, I don’t encourage her or anyone towards junk eating but I love to see her enjoy what she loves to eat in a healthy manner.

D for Diet

Diet is a Dirty word. Diet, Dagger, Drought, Disease and Death; all these Dangerous words begin with ‘D’. I always wonder how can people not eat when their stomach sends ‘I’m on fire’ SOS signals. But then there always are those ‘healthy’ people who compensate for all these malnourished people.

Oats and she gloats

One such ‘healthy’ and just 30 plus lady came to me with a desire to lose weight. She asked me, “Doctor, can I lose weight if I take oats ?”. I expressly told her, “If you take only oats, you have decent chances of knocking off a few kilos”. She came back after about 4 months and started accusing me, “Doctor, you told me I can knock off a few kilos and I started taking oats and now I have jumped from 88 kilos to 92.5 kilos in 3 months. What is this ?”

I was stunned and asked her, “So how often and in what quantities were you taking oats ?”. She replied indignantly, “I was taking oats three times a day. Since it is quite bitter, I was taking it with milk and sugar to make it tolerable”. “So what do you do for vegetables and proteins etc ?” I asked her. She replied, “That is no problem at all. I take oats three times after my breakfast, lunch and dinner” ! Such super concept of diet, I must add.

D for Die

A cousin of mine has a fearsome story about diet. He says, “Diet sounds like die at. It is so scary. Every time I hear someone utter that word, I feel I am getting a warning that my time is up; like you are going to die at 8 PM ! Even though I tell her I hate the word, my wife keeps worrying about oil, fat and such things and always talks about that horrible word. I am getting sick of it. Can’t we use any other word for it ?”

Fasting vs Starvation

In our hospital, there is a funny habit with most of the nurses. When a patient has to be kept on empty stomach for some procedure, we prefer to say, “Keep the patient on empty stomach tomorrow” or “Keep the patient fasting”. But I have come across a lot of people telling, “Patient is on starvation”.

Now this is a gross abuse of the word. I’ve tried to correct them, “Starvation happens in places like Somalia or even some parts of India where there is no food available for the people due to poverty. You should use the word fasting and not starvation”. They nod and then continue with starvation because many of them genuinely believe, “Coming from a lesser literate state of Karnataka, this Doctor doesn’t know proper English” !

My experiments with Diet

Like most people into their forties, I too have tried my hand at dieting. I don’t have a problem with the word diet or with fasting, as long as I am able to eat without anyone seeing. I can fast for as long as 8 hours, when I am sleeping.

The most important thing about being born in a Hindu family is fasting is an option you can confidently reject without feeling guilty or being made to feel guilty. In fact I used to love those special fasting days my mother used to prescribe for us to follow. That meant more food, fruits and wheat items instead of the rice we usually get at home. Hindu ways of fasting are just awesome. You can eat more when you are fasting. So much so, I used to think it would be a great idea to have 4 – 5 days of fasting every week.

Finally coming to concluding part of this exercise; I must say, this was just an aimless wandering around a subject called ‘diet’. I am a Doctor and I understand responsible eating. What I mean to say is, I am responsible for what I eat and I can’t hold anyone else responsible for that !