Difference Between Revenue Stamp and Postage Stamp?

Difference Between Revenue Stamp and Postage Stamp?… We’re NOT talking about the Difference Between Revenue Stamp and Adhesive Stamp? As being adhesive doesn’t make them different!

Every year Lakhs of students in India apply for competitive exams, jobs etc. Often they are told to pay the application fee through a Revenue stamp. What is the difference between a Revenue Stamp and a Postage Stamp?

Here is the explanation:

There are two kinds of Stamps: Postage Stamp and Revenue Stamp

Postage Stamp : A Postage Stamp or a “Dak Tikat’ is the stamp you paste on an envelope, or any other package which you want to send via post. The denomination of the Postage stamp (that’s the money you paid for the stamp) is the fare amount you pay for the travel of the letter or the package to the destination. The way you buy a bus ticket to travel from one place to another.

Revenue Stamp : A Revenue Stamp or “Raseedi Ticket” is actually not a ticket, it’s a money instrument which is used to pay for the Fees or revenue to the Government. Thus when you paste a Revenue stamp of certain denomination on some competitive exam application form, you are using the revenue stamp to pay for the fee of that exam. A revenue stamp, once pasted, needs to be crossed. The act of Crossing a pasted Revenue stamp, by seal or by a cross or by the signature of the authority, tells those concerned that you have paid the fee.

Hope from now onward, you will not paste a Postage stamp, when you’re told to paste a Revenue Stamp.