A Tactic which Discourages Others, Good Plans…without Fail

What will you do if you don’t want to do something good OR You don’t want someone else to do that good work?

Simple… The moment You or someone else plans to act on a Good Plan (benevolent, progressive plan), start raising  hundreds of reasons  why you think doing that thing is downright foolish. Be technical in your criticism. Acknowledge the good things, but quickly add some serious limitations of the implementation. Criticize for the sake for criticism. Don’t shy away from criticism even when the reasons of criticism are way too technical to be understood. Speak Non-stop, so that the other person gets not time to contemplate. And last but not the least… present such a beak picture wrt the implementation or functioning of the plan, that the person upbeat about the project gets thoroughly demotivated.

The above Tactic discourages Others, Good Plans…without Fail (All the time).

Will you need to test it? NO. People, Groups, Political parties who do this are always seen as a negative influence on others. And over time people tend to get disillusioned with such people, Groups, Political parties.

One of Life’s biggest Skills is to spot such people, and  remain at a safe distance from them.