Divide 24 Hours into Eating and Fasting compartments | Study

According to a new study by Researchers in London — Dividing 24 Hours (a day) into two fasting and Eating compartments is actually good for Health.

Scientists find that eating late at night causes weight gain. Hence suggest that restricting eating hours could help fight high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity.

Confining meals to a 12 Hour window or compartment, such as 8 AM to 8 PM and fasting for the remaining day (8 PM to 8 AM) , can make a big difference to whether fat is stored by the body or burned by it. The researchers have found that following the 12 hour eating and fasting compartmentalization actually discourages the body to store fat.

To sum up, the study cautions against an extended period of snaking, suggesting instead that confining eating to 8 AM to 8 PM is a good idea. The wisdom is not new to Indians. Jains in particular, discourage eating after 7 PM.

The Study proves once again : Not only what you eat matters, but when you eat matters equally.