DLF-Wadra Issue: Why will DLF be afraid of its Shareholders?

Shalini Singh, the deputy editor of the newspaper The Hindu, is emphasizing on all TV channels that the DLF has to answer its shareholders on Robert Wadra unsecured Loan (or whatever) issue.

I ask, why?

Why will DLF be afraid of its Shareholders?

If DLF paid bribe (or unsecured Loan) to Robert Wadra for acquiring more land; then why would its shareholder be unhappy. For a company in Real estate business, Land bank is a precious commodity, and is directly related to its market worth. That apart, a business will bribe someone only a certain percentage of the anticipated gain.

In reality, DLF shareholders will be in all praise of DLF, for getting key real estate. Who cares if Wadra gets a small percentage for facilitating the process.

Media Houses like Hindu should stop misinforming the people. Their (media people) commitment should be towards truth and impartiality.

[ PS: To clarify, I’m not defending Wadra. I believe that influential and powerful people in India (and elsewhere) do make money this way. And hence, the Govt should probe all three- Wadra, Khurshid and Gadkari. My only complain is that Media should not treat us as morons and steer us willingly.]

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