Do Spirits, demons, sorcery and Evils, and God exist? Talks new Book

Through out his life Alan Trujillo, the author of Searphim, battled with a hidden evil. But lately, this world has been revealed to him by God. A revelation which doesn’t write-off the the existence of spirits, demons, and the devil; but tells the reader the reassuring existence of Ultimate God and the Power of his word.

In every situation of his life, whether be the peaks or the lows, the author realized God was with him. Although, he always felt the attacks of spirits and evil (the author even emotions an Evil woman in his family), the presence of God assured him.

The book , which is a thrilling true story which entertains all readers young and old, begins with true ghost stories, but eventually revealed the truth behind them – The word of God. It speaks of magic and sorcery done by use of deities, and not God as they reveal His will and even changing it.

The author aims to convey to the readers the true realm for their salvation. Salvation, for him is life which is not threatened by creepy things; as the reassuring presence of God is always there.

Seraphim: More than Ghost Stories

by: Alan Trujillo

publisher: Xlibris Corporation, published: 2011-11-29

ASIN: 1465396004

EAN: 9781465396006

sales rank: 5198379

price: $29.91 (new), $30.48 (used)

NOTE: The book may look to be sharing extreme and unsubstantiated views to some.