Do you blog about Art then try Traffic Exchangers

Recently, a friend started a blog of her art works. Finding me a veteran in the field of blogging (on the basis of my much earlier entry), she asked me how to get more art lovers to her blog. A little enquiry from my side, revealed that she doesn’t merely want art lovers to flock to her blog (to get recognition for her art and earn money out of it); she also wants to earn money from the blog itself.

I further asked her how long will she keep her blog monetization free(means no ads from ad programs who pay on the basis of pay per click or pay per action etc., like Google Adsense). To this, she said she can keep it ad free for six months or so.

I praised her for her patience with implementing ads on her blog. Actually in a blog’s lifecycle, unless you have some experience of blogging, first couple of months should be devoted fully to build the visitor base. As only when a blog has considerable visitors, one can expect to earn money thru ad programs.In addition, even though ads at early stage give you insignificant money; they give a poor impression to the readers, who start suspecting the primary aim of your blog.

As the lady, is away from monetization for the next couple of months (plus other factors too), I advised her to try Traffic exchangers.

The benefits of using Traffic Exchangers (that I explained her fully aware of what blog demands) are as under:

1) As the blog is pretty new, the first thing to do is to spread the word. The more people know about the blog the better.As the blog is going to remain ad free for next couple of months (as if you bring traffic thru Traffic Exchangers to a blog which shows ads from Ad programs like Adsense,you break Ad programs’ TOS), Traffic exchangers can be really helpful in spreading the word.

2) As the blog is showcasing some form of art, for which the creator wants recognition. So that eventually the art can be sold. Traffic Exchangers are a good option; as not only bloggers, a significant number of talent searchers also flock Traffic Exchangers.

3) As the blog is an Art blog; it suits best for Traffic Exchangers. The reason being–When a blog is rotated in a traffic Exchanger, it has to grab the surfer’s attention, in seconds. If it fails to hold the attention of the surfer, the surfer moves on to the next blog. Being an art blog, the lady’s blog doesn’t have to care about grabbing attention.

After the discussion she seemed convinced with the suggestion and the explanation. But being new to Traffic exchangers– she doesn’t know how Traffic exchangers work. I tried to put forward a simple explanation– Traffic Exchangers as the name suggests gives you traffic in exchange of traffic. You surf other people’s blogs and earn credit. You redeem the credits earned to get traffic for your blog. If you don’t want to surf other people’s blog , then you buy credits (As credits are what that give you traffic).

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