Do you know this world has Fat Lovers too?

It has been stated somewhere in this blog that gaining weight has to do with one’s frame of mind rather than anything. Something which gets clearly highlighted in women who don’t want to make themselves desirable. But people gain weight for another reason too, they either like themselves chubby or their partners or spouses want them to look that way.

Such people are fat lovers. And they are not posturing to please the world or to please their partners, their brain works that way. They just find FAT ATTRACTIVE.

So what is the right attitude to look at your own weight, irrespective of whether you consider it a problem, hate it or love it:

Whatever the world says about weight, you can safely assume most of it as not more than just stereotypes. The stereotypes which are made popular by media, health care professionals, society, friends and family. Very similar to a common movie portrayal of people with extra weight, where fat people are shown lazy. When the reality can be very different. One can find countless people with extra weight, who are quite active and have a great personality. On contrary, people who are too skinny, that’s those who come in the anorexic category, often show irritable and low energy behaviour, as they don’t have sufficient energy to burn (not even smile).

What should be understood is that a person can’t be liked by all people all the time. Just as everyone has his/her likes and dislikes, a section of people do like Fat and that too to a functional degree—where they love a wholesome person, want to marry him/her and want to be with the person life long.

Such fat lovers look for — Someone with a chubby body, bright eyes and sparkle in laughter!

But one thing needs to be said, before concluding: If the weight gain starts interfering with your daily activities. If the weight starts posing even slight health concerns, it’s time to put on sneakers and have a brisk walk, jog or run, regularly.

For those, who don’t feel their body as heavy, need not to get bogged down by what others say. The personality has much to it than just the weight. And it’s the personality which decides whether people will like you or not. And if health concerns are set aside, then every personality type and body sizes have their fans in this world (averages). So you too keep jolly and active till you find the body you like.