Doctor’s Murder, Vikaspuri Delhi Neither Communal nor Road rage!

Whosoever tried to give communal color to the young doctor’s murder in Vikaspuri, Delhi; might be disappointed that their attempt didn’t succeed.

Good for Delhi and India.

Hopefully, people quickly saw the motive, and foiled the attempt.

I think people saw some logic in the argument as to why the incident can’t be a result of some Hindu-Muslim enmity or road rage.

The logic that:

  1. The accused were a mixed group (4 Muslims and 5 Hindus)
  2. Among the accused is a woman, who’s the mother of one of the co-accused.

The result cannot be a result of Hindu Muslim divide or Road rage, as why will a mother accompany her son to settle such a matter. More so, she would least attack the deceased and his brother-in-law.

The way the woman accompanied her son and his friends to settle the matter, points to something else. It surely has something to do with the woman. Could it be some crime against the woman?