Does an Orange and Luke warm water only diet for 30 Days works?

We often hear how some famous Hollywood actress lived on “only an orange and luke warm water a day” diet for three days prior to some bikini shoot for an upcoming movie. Later, when we look at the same shots in the movie, we say “ya the diet worked”, the gorgeous lady is looking perfect for a bikini.

As vitamin C in Orange, aided by luke warm water, flushes toxins out of the body(Vitamin C has a tendency that any access amount, which the body can’t assimilate or adsorb, comes out in urine), a three day dieting practiced by movie stars may be effective.

But what about, when this concept is stretched to 30 days — in the name of body cleansing, weight loss or something else.

This takes us to an important question: Does an Orange and Luke warm water only diet for 30 Days works?

In his autobiography–Truth,Love and a Little Malice, celebrated and prolific Indian Author Khushwant Singh, at one place narrates a personal experience.

When in England, in early 1950s, and much over-weight, khushwant Singh, one day realized he needs to lose weight and enter into a healthy lifestyle. He approached a famous doctor, who was popular for prescribing ‘only an orange a day and Luke warm water’ diet to bring people back to shape and health.

The doctor was also known for his strict military like discipline. Once enrolled, a participant was not allowed to roll back and the entire group of orange-water diet practitioners were kept in a highly guarded campus; so that compelled by hunger pangs, no one can make an escape. The therapy used to start with Colon cleansing and then nothing but ‘an orange a day & Luke warm water’ for next 30 days.

The doctor believed that everything a normal person eats in a day, if mixed together in a big bowl, will resemble nothing but Puke(ejected contents of the stomach via mouth). Hence while prescribing such a revolutionary/heart breaking diet; the doctor never felt any guilt.

Khushwant Singh, had great difficulty in completing those thirty days. If he tried to kill time by reading some good book; hunger pangs would not allow him to.

But did he found the program effective?

On this he says; although, he found himself more energetic and healthy; compared to how he felt a month ago; even his eye-sight improving substantially (Mr Singh wears prescription glasses); he found that all the changes were very reversible.

As soon as he came back to his normal diet; his body reversed back to the old self.

Not only him, even most diligent of the participants found it difficult to stick to the body and health, the strict and difficult diet gave them.

Conclusion: The fact that — One can’t live on such extreme diets for their entire lives; makes such diets nothing but a fad. In health issues, weight loss is one of them, as Buddha says “Middle path is the way to go”. Not too lenient, Not to extreme.

Note: Born on February 2, 1915, Khushwant Singh in his 96th year, is still writing on many Indian and International dalies. Khushwant Singh is one of the most earning journalists of India; and is known for sharp write-ups, exceptional memory and exceptional Health. He’s one of the most readable english writers, not only in India but also in the world.