Does it benefit People | On CAA + NRC + NPR?

For any common man, there is a simple way to look at the Citizen Amendment Act (CAA), NRC and the National Population Register (NPR) debate.

The simple way is : Ask ourselves a simple question?

Who is going to benefit from the new changes to CAA + NRC + NPR?

Will CAA + NRC + NPR benefit People?

The answer is NO.

The NRC exercise detected roughly 20 Lakh illegal migrants in Assam. Out of these, 14 Lakh were found to be Hindus. If CAA +NRC is implemented, then the chances of the country legalizing more people (14 Lakh) than it is rejecting (6 Lakh Muslims) are real. India is a poor country, there is no logic in bringing in that many people for no valid reason.

The better way is to either legalize all illegal migrants as they are already living for more than a couple of decades now; or declare all 20 Lakh illegal; Or properly look for illegal migrants in all religions. This is necessary because in the present arrangement People will Suffer.

As far as refugees are concerned, then it is always better to have a Universal refugee policy, where refugees are NOT discriminated against on the basis of religion, caste or creed. Such a policy is already in place.

It is important to note here that there are real factors which may not be good for People. The country is already suffering from lack of employment and poverty. By all estimation the new changes to CAA + NPR will NOT help people.

Will CAA + NRC + NPR benefit the Opposition parties including INC (Congress)?

The Answer is NO.

Because by protesting against CAA, NRC and NPR they are being perceived as anti-Hindus. So why are they taking this risk?… So that the future doesn’t call them as anti-people.

Will CAA + NRC + NPR benefit the party in Government at Centre — The BJP?

The Answer seems YES. Because the party feels that legalizing 14 Lakh illegal Hindu migrants in Assam; and bringing in Hindus from Pakistan, Bangladesh & elsewhere will help it (the BJP) get those votes. Whether the assumption that any Hindu who gets citizenship by way of CAA or CAA+NRC will automatically become BJP’s vote only time will tell, but such assumption itself is not in People’s interest.

This is one simple way of looking at the CAA + NRC + NPR debate: Just ask self who is trying to benefit out of it. Other way is to look at whether spending thousands of crores on these exercises is good or not .That too at a time when the country is reeling under large unemployment and slowing economy.