Dog owners resemble their dogs in Looks : True or false ?

Why pets start looking like their owners? The reason behind this is a psychological one.

In the previous post we talked about how only those animals are marred by obesity which are fed by our hands– out of affection or out of economics. Three such animals were: Cats, Dogs and Chickens. Animals who fed themselves, in wild, seldom put on weight. AS they never eat out more than what is required.

In simple, the objective of the post was to thrust upon readers this ultimate truth: Weight gain or obesity to unhealthy levels is a result of our eating habits and the kind the lifestyle we choose. When we implement the same on to animals that we feed and care, we unconsciously make them like us: in looks and in the ailments as well. Yes, for example, our cats and dogs get diabetes too– that too in the same shades– Type 1 and Type 2.

So this brings us to explore a very common perception which says: Do Dog owners resemble their dogs in Looks?

Not to debase the debate, and keeping it purely academic, i think the perception is TRUE.

Why pets start looking like their owners?

The reason behind this is a psychological one: How one behaves with his/he pet is based on how he/she feels himself/herself. If the owner feels too much cold; he/she is likely to make sure his/her pet doesn’t feel cold. If the owner likes running, to ward off lethargy, he will assume that his pet is also feeling some stiff joints that need some running. In short, the pet owner always feels that what he/she feel bodily, the pet must be feeling the same.

Hence, those pet owners who are always hungry (means are in a habit of munching all day; giving them false hunger signs) will feed their pet in the same frequency. Those who overeat, will fill their pet’s bowls over capacity every time; or will bring biggest bowls, just like they use the biggest plate for self. If the pet owner doesn’t exercise, he’ll not think it’s required for his pet.

As a consequence: Pet owner makes the Dog look like him/her. So rather than saying the owner looks like his/her pet; the right thing to say is: He/She has made his Pet look like Him/her.

So to get yourself to a healthy lifestyle, look at your pet or look at people who are seen with their dogs.

So just watching one’s Pets and getting them to a healthy lifestyle will put a pet owner to a healthy lifestyle.

NOTE: Readers complain that we’re not writing frequently on this Blog. But this is an intentional arrangement. As just like motivational books, people like to read a lot about Weight loss and healthy life style; but don’t want to devote time to think and act. The Blog is meant to make readers “Think and Act”. Each post on this blog has eternal shelf Life. Keep reading the posts again and again and until you get a Healthy lifestyle.