Dogs, Vultures Not differentiating Dead Bodies in Kedarnath!

Dead Bodies in KedarnathThe day voting was taking place in Varanasi and other 70+ Lok Sabha Seats, Rajat Sharma’s Indiatv was busy showing a story, with a title something like : Kedarnath mein Kutte and Giddh Hinduon ke shav noch noch ke kha rahe hain (Translates to Dogs and Vultures are tearing apart and eating the corpses of Hindus in kedarnath). The Youtube video of the said story was being shared on Facebook.

Don’t know, with what morality, Indiatv can now claim to be impartial. The story is the height of immorality.

During the Kedarnath Calamity of 2013, anyone who found himself or herself in the path of nature’s fury, irrespective of his/her religion, lost his/her life. Those killed included muslim porters and Horse owners as well. The Universal rule of the ‘Survival of the Fittest‘ applied in Kedarnath 2013 calamity as well. This meant that, locals, porters, horse owners etc. who are serving the Char Dham tourists for decades now, sensed something unusual or had the agility to get out of the landslides in a timely manner; and this saved their lives. But that’s not their crime. Although casualties among them happened as well.

It’s a fact that nearly all the Horse Owners or porters in Kedarnath and other Char Dham routes are muslims , who belong to Bijnor and adjoining areas of Uttar pradesh.

To conclude, a day or two after the Kedarnath Calamity, a TV channel was showing how people from other community (muslims) were eating food in one of the relief kitchens set up by the humanitarians and the Government. Someone please tell those news channels, those people were the people who serve Char Dham tourists. As, no logical person will walk up the hills amidst a risk, to enjoy a free meal. No matter how delicious and sumptuous the meal may be.

Corpses in KedarnathPS: As far as the dogs and vultures savouring on corpse is concerned (not just Hindu Corpse), the claim may be true. But that has nothing to do with any disrespect to corpse. The fact is, in the landslide corpse get buried deep inside the ground. Sometimes even 100 feets below the surface. Retrieving even a a corpse 10 feet below the surface is not easy, as mountain landslides usually accompany boulders the size of a house.

After some time and due to the usual weathering (in English erosion of rocks) of the mountainous landscape, the buried corpse do come out. And such corpse are eaten by the scavengers.

Since heavy equipment to dig earth can’t be transported to the Hills in an economical way, all a Government can do is compensate the kin of the Dead. The Uttarakhand Government already did that. That apart, the man for who all these TV channels are showing such divisive stories, contributed just 2 crores to the Uttarakhand Floods 2013 Relief Funds. I’m referring to Narendra Modi. This when a sizable portion of Char Dham Tourist comes from Gujarat.