DOMO Biker Styled 3D Glasses for Fashionable Indians!

DOMO Biker Styled 3D Glasses for Fashionable Indians! Who waers prototype looking 3D Glasses now. If Biker Glasses have Style, then why not your 3D Glasses.


Can’t say for Girls, but guys do get attracted to Biker Glasses. A guy taking out his Biker friend’s biker glasses and trying them on, checking them in rear view mirror; is not an uncommon sight. With this specific intelligence in perspective, DOMO  a growing leader in smart phones, tablets and accessories, a day ago launched its first set of biker styled 3D glasses – nHance CM230B and nHance CM610P models.

Biker Styled 3D Glasses

What DOMO Biker Styled 3D Glasses Offer, apart from Looks

  • Designed to provide better comfort levels than the traditional 3D glasses
  • Better clarity
  • Aggressively priced to suit the purchasing power of diverse customers

nHance CM610P and nHance CM230B Biker Styled 3D Glasses

nHance CM610P

The DOMO nHance CM610P 3D glasses are biker styled designed with splendid looks. This design gives users the maximum viewing area with least light leakage. It is constructed with high quality hinged plastic frames. These glasses have durable flexi-frames, washable and reusable. It provides better comfort to deliver an exact fit.

nHance CM230B

The DOMO nHance CM230B is the entry level 3D glass to enjoy 3D motion movies  and games. It is designed to entertain user with maximum comfort zone.

Biker Styled 3D Glasses

Mazher ShaikhBusiness Development Manager at DOMO said, “Today’s market dynamics demands better products at lower cost. We are working to fulfill the same demand and here we come with yet another quality rich product line of 3D glasses. Targeting different set of customer around in the market we have current launched 2 models nHance CM610P and nHance CM230B and plan to introduce more in coming future.


DOMO Biker Styled 3D Glasses Price

DOMOnHance CM610P comes with an MRP of Rs. 290/- and nHance CM230B comes with an MRP of Rs. 150/-.