Don’t Accept your Homosexuality, argues a new Book

A New book, “Beyond the Shades of Gray: Because Homosexuality is a Symptom, Not a Solution” , by Dean Bailey, is an example of one man’s triumph over personal urges. “Beyond the Shades of Gray” is based on Bailey’s own experiences with homosexual feelings.

About the Book and the Author

Dean Bailey was born and raised in San Francisco and remained a California until he graduated high school and began his military career. He traveled to many different places across the United States and around the world, including Germany, Belgium, France, Egypt, Israel, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq.

Dean Bailey who continues his close ties with the U.S. military and remains a strong and outspoken advocate of the truth concerning homosexual behaviors, speaking out against the Obama Administration’s repeal of the Department of Defense “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, says this of his own inward struggles:

“As a man who grew up having come through this inward struggle myself, I can especially identify with you younger men out there, who are now at the point of trying to either deny or to accept those inward passions we’ve felt, that long so deeply for the love and acceptance of another male, human being. I know that sometimes they can drive you to the point that you feel like a worthless person, while at other times you feel alone and incomplete until you’ve satisfied them somehow. I also know what it feels like to seem to have no choice or control at all over these passions and emotions—and what it is like to keep them all bottled up inside, as they are fighting to get out. Even in a large crowd of friends, these feelings can often make us feel as though we are all alone… What we long for is a deep and heartfelt sense of brotherhood.”

What differentiates “Beyond the Shades of Gray” from other books is its genesis, which in Dean’s own words, “I experienced homosexual desires and longings and found a real and genuine restoration of my sexuality through the Christian faith, and through genuine Christian companionship. This is not some ‘pray and be free’ approach.”

The book puts forward an argument, on the lines: Homosexuality is a Symptom, Not a Solution.

Bailey met his wife while attending their local church in Texas, and she has been a constant source of support, encouragement and inspiration to the author in his life journey. For more information please visit:

Beyond the Shades of Gray: Because Homosexuality is a Symptom, not a Solution

by: Dean Bailey

publisher: WestBow Press A Division of Thomas Nelson, published: 2011-12-08

ASIN: 1449732038

EAN: 9781449732035

sales rank: 1662990

price: $16.53 (new), $48.57 (used)

Beyond the Shades of Gray is based upon Christian fundamentals and beliefs. The author uses practical applications of Bible scripture throughout the book, without religiosity. Scripture is used to confront various aspects of this very controversial subject—head-on. Therefore, the author makes no apologies for the portions of this book that may seem to be more graphic in nature than your average “Christian” book. Homosexuality is a subject that absolutely needs to be dealt with truthfully, and without religious avoidance. If you are a person who has ever had doubts or questions about your sexual orientation or behavior, then what the author has written here is for you. This work includes information for women, but is otherwise a book written for men, by a man, regarding his own perspective on his unwanted homosexual behaviors. What one longs for is a deep and heartfelt sense of brotherhood, and the author proposes that the real issues behind homosexual behaviors are not about sex!