Do not Fill Petrol Tank Full | Fact Check

From the past few days a message is getting circulated on various social networks. The message attributed to some anonymous senior official of Indian Oil advises petrol consumers NOT fill their vehicle’s petrol tank 100 percent. They must leave at least 20 percent of the petrol tank empty to avoid the petrol tank from getting exploded. The message claims that the petrol tanks of 5 vehicles have already exploded due to increasing temperatures. The message adds that temperatures are bound to increase as summers are approaching. The message looks FAKE. For this reason,

“The temperature at which petrol catches fire is about 495° F or 232° C, although a comparatively low figure; still it is not possible for summer temperatures which do not go beyond 55 degree Celsius to help it reach such level.”

There are a number of other reasons which easily tell why the message is FAKE. But the reason given above is self sufficient.