Don’t get mad at Your Child’s Poor Reading, Writing Skills

… Even when the child can’t perform as per your expectation even in secondary school level. There’s no point of getting angry with the child, when the very skills of reading and writing skills are pretty much predisposed.

According to a recent study, the manner in which a three year old child responds to sounds in a noisy environment, can give a reasonable clue as to how the child will perform in literacy skills (the ability to read and write) in future.

Brain wave test could predict your child’s reading abilities

A test that measures how the brain of a 3-year-old responds to sounds in a noisy environment predicts the child’s odds of struggling with reading a year later, say the researchers at Northwestern University.

The Study found that three year olds who responded to better sounds in a noisy environment would score better on pre-reading tests an year later.

The study which tested children from 3-14 years of age found that , 14 year olds who responded better to the consonant sounds played at the same time as a movie, score better on literacy tests, compared to those who didn’t.

… courtesy the study findings, the parents must be understanding and hence reasonable of their child’s reading and writing skills.