Drew Barrymore new Book is “All Hearts”

drew barrymore photography book, drew barrymore heart photosTo appreciate the importance of Valentine’s Day, you must be “all Hearts”. Else, everything the love birds do on Valentine’s Day may look lovey dovey to you. That said, what better occasion than the Valentine’s Day to promote one’s book. More so, when the book is “All Hearts”.

A day before yesterday, Hollywood star and one of Charlie’s Angels, Drew Barrymore was seen in NYC promoting her new book, which is indeed all hearts. Heavily pregnant (with her second child) Drew not only showed off her natural glow, she also chuckled heartily, something she is known for.  

Drew Barrymore new book , titled ‘Find It in Everything‘ photographs by Drew Barrymore’ is a book containing a series of photographs the star clicked in her daily life. What connects all these photographs? The heart. The photographs reveal the hearts (heart shapes) found in everyday situations.

When asked why hearts? Drew said: ‘I have always loved hearts. The way that continuous line accomplishes the most extraordinary thing – it conveys love.’

Drew Barrymore can speak of Hearts

Barrymore, 38, has a license to speak about heart. She is known for a loving heart. When asked how she plans to celebrate the coming Valentine’s Day, the star said: ‘… I’m going to make him (husband Will Kopelman) something, because when it comes to Valentine’s Day, I like something made you just can’t by in a store and you can’t replace. Thats will surely be a Valentine’s Day treat’.

Photography Skills…

Drew Barrymore is a talented photographer. Being an actress and producer herself she knows the angles well.

About the Book (by the Author)

Photographs by Drew Barrymore reveal hearts found in everyday situations.
“I have always loved hearts,” writes acclaimed actress Drew Barrymore in the foreword to this heartwarming gift book. “The way that continuous line accomplishes the most extraordinary thing–it conveys love.” In FIND IT IN EVERYTHING, Barrymore shares the photographs she has taken of heart-shaped objects and patterns she has come across over the past ten years. Some are obvious and others barely discernible. A discarded straw wrapper, a hole in a T-shirt, a scallion in a bowl of miso soup — seemingly everywhere she turns her lens a heart reveals itself. A very personal collection of images, many of them accompanied by brief captions that reflect on beauty in the everyday, FIND IT IN EVERYTHING is a delightful book from the beloved actress and director, who now adds photographer to her list of credentials.

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