Dual Band Wireless Router with New Wi-Fi Speed | AC2600

CES 2015: TRENDnet announces a New Wi-Fi Speed Category With The AC2600 Dual Band Wireless Router. Content Sharing Support for BitTorrent download client as well.

In CES 2015, TRENDnet, the maker of wired and wireless networking hardwares announced the AC2600 Dual Band Wireless Router, model TEW-827DRU. The Dual Band Wireless Router is a next generation WiFi router which marks a new AC2600 speed threshold.

TEW-827DRU Dual Band Wireless RouterThis next generation dual band WiFi router features two concurrent wireless networks-an ultra-performance 1,733 Mbps WiFi AC network and an extreme performance 800 Mbps WiFi N network. Quad-Stream architecture, on both the WiFi AC and WiFi N bands, produces the record breaking AC2600 category rating: Â Â

MU MIMO (Multiple User-Multiple Input Multiple Output) antenna technology (Qualcomm MU/EFX platform) enables this Dual Band Wireless router to serve multiple devices simultaneously, instead of processing device traffic in a queue one at a time. MU-MIMO greatly improves performance in today’s busy connected home which averages almost ten WiFi connected devices; and where sometimes even a toddler is using a Wifi linked device.

The TEW-827DRU Dual Band Wireless Router sports four high performance dual band external detachable antennas, all Gigabit network ports, and two SuperSpeed USB 3.0 share ports. WiFi amplifiers maximize WiFi signal output and targeted Beamforming technology increases real-time performance by directing stronger wireless signals to each connected device’s specific location. Content sharing opportunities are expanded with Samba client support, an iTunes music server, and a BitTorrent download client.

For added protection, the router’s WiFi bands are pre-encrypted with their own unique eight character password. Thereby, eliminating the common hack of accessing a router using a default password (such as ‘admin’). Furthermore, users can created guest networks which only allow internet access.

On the launch,  Zak Wood, Global Marketing Director of TRENDnet, said,

We are excited about the TEW-827DRU’s Dual band wireless router’s record breaking performance,When two TEW-827DRU’s are bridged together, we expect new WiFi throughput records will be documented from independent reviewers, for both of the WiFi AC and WiFi N bands.”


AC2600 Dual Band Wireless Router

  • AC2600: 1,733 Mbps WiFi AC + 800 Mbps WiFi N bands
  • Quad-Stream architecture produces the record breaking WiFi AC and WiFi N speeds
  • MU-MIMO (Multi-User MIMO) technology enables the router to serve multiple devices simultaneously thereby greatly improving performance in a connected home
  • Beamforming technology increases real-time performance by directing stronger wireless signals to each connected device’s specific location
  • Extreme performance processor
  • High performance detachable 4.5 dBi 5GHz/3.5 dBi 2.4GHz antennas
  • Pre-encrypted WiFi for your protection
  • All Gigabit wired ports
  • Two SuperSpeed USB 3.0 share ports
  • Samba file sharing support
  • iTunes music server
  • BitTorrent download client
  • Create isolated guest networks
  • IPv6 support

TEW-827DRU Warranty: 3 year limited

Availability: The TEW-827DRU Dual Band Wireless Router is now available in India as well. It Wirless router was launched in Mumbai on January 13.