Dusshera stampede at Gandhi Maidan Patna… 3 Lessons

At least 25 dead, 15 critical in stampede at Patna’s Gandhi Maidan. Below is the photograph of Dusshera congregation at Gandhi Maidan Patna (courtesy HT).

gandhi maidan, patna, dussehra, stampede

So many people at one place is a recipe for disaster. Add to this the callous attitude of Indians towards safety. We don’t do even those things which are in our capacity , let aside those which require resources. For instance wearing a helmet or seat belt while one road doesn’t cost much (or costs nothing) but still we choose not to do that. In the same way, school administration or district administration never conducts drills on how to conduct themselves and others (students, people) in the event of such accidents.

Another thing which I like to point to , are the Rumors. Unsubstantiated claims or rumours may benefit some people, but overall they are a negative part of communication. They have the capacity to inflict monumental losses. Take for instance yesterday’s Gandhi Maidan Patna Stampede. Some eyewitnesses claimed that two men panicked the crowd by shouting that a high tension electric wire has fallen to the ground. The people panicked and stepped on one another.

It’s high time that we don’t become a country of rumors. The best way to prevent that is to Speak Less!