E-vision Multi-purpose Fire Alarm Control Panel Device

E-vision Fire Alarm Control Panel : Multi-purpose device that protects large campus and supplies power to charge batteries.

With so many electrical appliances and gadgets in our homes and Offices, a fire Alarm has become a necessity. A fire alarm can be of great use, particularly if the house or the office premises are big.  

E-vision, one of the leading providers of advanced, new-age surveillance products, has recently launched a Fire Alarm Control Panel enabled with addressable fire digital technology.

E-vision Multi-purpose Fire Alarm Control PanelThe fire alarm has been designed to offer high standard performance, reliability and quality. This device complies with IS 2189-1999 and tested by the ETRL (North department). Fire Control Panel is based on conventional digital which is suitable for the small office, workplace and high rise building. It is very easy to install, operate and maintain and comes with multi central station communication options. It has high speed network which works up to 20 nodes with 159 detectors and module. Standard 80 characters shown on display, 6.0 switch modes to power supply and come with inbuilt alarm.



  • All necessary Operating and User instructions on the panel
  • Compact design with inbuilt battery box .
  • Version of panel is available
  • 24 V DC Operating Voltage.
  • Conventional & Microprocessor Fire Alarms.
  • Fire Alarm Cum Public Address Systems
  • Fire Alarm Annunciations
  • Fire Extinguishing Systems
  • Fire Alarm Repeaters
  • Mimic Display Panels
  • Diesel Engine Starter
  • Fire Hydrant Panels
  • Bank security systems
  • Battery Chargers & Power Supply


On the launch, Vijay Shandilya, CEO at E-vision said, 

Risk of short circuit and power is increasing in recent times. Control fire alarm panel is one of the safest and most vital investments for a business to protect their employees, property and huge buildings from dangers of fire with the warning signs from the device. “