Easiest way to steal credit from Real achievers!

What is the easiest way to steal the credit form the real achievers?

Answer : Make a long speech on the occasion of their achievement.

A congratulatory speech is like raising a toast. It must be just congratulatory, spanning just one or two minutes. Five or six lines, utmost.

A person, who speaks at lengths while raising toast at dinners, weddings and school’s annual function speech, bores the audience. While the real heros or achievers (birthday girl, bride & groom and students who wait to be felicitated) keep asking themselves, why are we here?

Mars OrbiterThe idea is to speak only that much which allows space to the real achievers bask in the glory of their achievement. Great leaders know this simple wisdom. Not so great ones, see every achievement in their tenure as an opportunity to portray themselves as Great.

To conclude the write-up on a bright note, let I inform you that India’s Mars Orbiter, which successfully left the Earth surface for Mars on 5 November 2013, entered into orbit of Mars just minutes ago (24 September 2014). This makes India the only country in the world to enter the orbit in first attempt. Congrats Scientists who made it possible!