Eat Less and have a Sharp Memory

Some cultures have always prescribed “Eating Less”. The reason put forward is that “Eating Less” keeps one Agile.

In India, a popular shloka (or Sanskrit couplet) clearly conveys the advantages of eating less, when it defines the ideal traits of a Student (A child whose primary Goal is to study). Here is the couplet:

“Kag chesta
bako dhyanam,
swan nidra
tathay wachay,
grah tyagi,
vidyarthi panch lakshnam.”


The Desire that of Crow,
The Concentration that of Crane,
The Sleep that of Dog,
Speaks Less,
Eats Less,
Leaves Home,
These are the five virtues of a Student.

Indian culture always stressed the importance of Education to a child, and hence the above preaching ensured that the student remains agile, mentally sharp and with exceptional memory.

Contrary to what many modern cultures believe; Indian and other ancient cultures don’t feel that a child needs to “Eat more to grow better”. Instead, these cultures recommend regulated quantities of simple food which help the child both mentally and physically. After all, the goal of a child is to Learn: Be it Education or any other skill which helped him/her in his/her adult life.

Notably, the Eating Habits which are acquired in childhood remain with the person throughout his/her life; hence those who eat less and balanced in childhood, more or less carry on the same discipline in their rest of lives.

Latest Study supports “Eat Less” views prevalent in many cultures:

According to a new research, adults who consume 2100-6000 calories a day, have twice the more risk of developing Memory related problems; than other people.

According to the research, the More number of Calories an Adult takes, the more is the risk of him/her develop memory related problems, which in medical parlance is known as “Mild Cognitive Impairment”. MCI, is the stage between the ‘normal memory loss which happens with age’ and Alzheimer.