Eating disorders may lead to early death: suggests a new study

This very write-up is not for those people, who live by the adage – “If everyone has to die one day, why not die eating”. In addition, this write-up is also not for those people for whom – “there is no limit to getting skinny; for them the more lean figure they can get the better; the typical Size Zero personalities”.

The write-up is for those who have or want to have a balanced perspective regarding Life – “Life is everything; Food, Health, sex, Family, achievement, money, enthusiasm, competitiveness, happiness and everything Good life brings. And everything in moderation”.

According to a new research — No one should take eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia lightly; they could bring on premature or early death.

Anorexia can simply be described as a refusal to maintain a healthy body weight and an obsessive fear of gaining weight, made worse by a distorted self-image. [People who suffer from Anorexia, find themselves fat in front of a mirror, even when they are below their ideal body weight]

Bulimia nervosa is restricting food intake for some time, followed by letting loose on food; which results in feelings of guilt and low self-esteem. In this disorder, the phases of “restricting food intake” and “letting loose on food, also called binging” keep falling one after another.

The research found that, people with Anorexia, are nearly six times more likely of dying early, while bulimia doubles premature death risk.

According to John Arcelus from Leicester General Hospital, heading the study, which got published in the journal Archives of General Psychiatry — eating disorders have ‘serious physical consequences’.

How the study was conducted: The research team reviewed 36 studies between January 1966 and September 2010, involving 17,000 individuals with eating disorders, of whom 755 died.

Adding further, the study said that, a large number of anorexia afflicted people also develop obsessive compulsive disorder, depression and anxiety. They tend to be extremely malnourished; adding further that – people in twenties who suffer from anorexia have 18 times more death risk compared to others in the same age group. Such patients could also become bulimic, resulting in an even greater risk of death. As in the later case, they will gain weight and will be unable to control or get it back to normal.

Conclusion: Body weight is an important health indicator, whether you think you look great below your ideal weight; you will have to maintain your ideal body weight [here is how you can find your normal body weight]. There should be no debate regarding that.

In Life, everything should be practiced in moderation. The ideal way to lose weight is first of all find your ideal weight. If you find yourself overweight then look at your lifestyle to see where you are erring to have a weight above normal. Making changes to your lifestyle, in areas which you find ignored. Eat right quantity of healthy food, and exercise regularly [you don’t need to do gym exercise or even run; a thought over your current lifestyle will give you plenty of ideas to include sufficient activity in your lifestyle].

Consult a good book, doctor or dietician if you think you need some additional advice.

And Last but not the Least; Don’t abstain from junk food or fast food or unhealthy food completely. Your life needs Taste too, OCCASSIONALLY FORGET that “Junk Food tastes so Good, because it’s Bad for you”. Remember — that Bad Food is necessary for you too. So if you followed healthy eating for 5 days of a week; a little bit of Junk food is not that bad on the seventh day.