Eden Gardens’ IP Network at IPL6 Inauguration…by Allied Telesis

Who Powered Eden Gardens’ IP Network at IPL6 Inauguration? Allied Telesis. Allied Telesis switching solution in both Eden Gardens & Guwahati Cricket Stadium

Allied Telesis, an IP and Ethernet network solutions provider, provided Eden Gardens’ IP Network at IPL6 inauguraton ceremony (Shahrukh Khan danced like a crazy and Deepika Padukone & Katrina Kaif mischievously lauched. So did Rajeev Shukla, the Congress politician).

Allied Telesis has been chosen as the IP networking brand and their state of the art switching solution has been deployed to power the entire network in both the stadiums – Eden Gardens’ IP Network at IPL6 Opening Ceremoney, as well as, Guwahati Cricket Stadium. To ensure highest level of security, both cricket associations – Kolkata as well as Guwahati choose to go the IP way and have build a comprehensive and sophisticated IP network for their access control, physical security as well as surveillance.Allied Telesis has been chosen to implement Eden Gardens’ IP Network at IPL6  for surveillance in Kolkata and Guwahati cricket stadiums. Eden Gardens’ IP Network at IPL6 Inauguration would have made everyone felt sure too.

Allied Telesis has worldwide deployments in the IP based security-surveillance access control and physical security networks.  They have more than a decade experience in developing strong- low latency and high resilience switching solutions to address this space, wherein video, voice, access control and other such real-time applications converge on an IP backbone.

This is what Mr Subhasish Gupta, Country Manager India & SAARC at Allied Telesis said, about the important

“I am excited that Allied Telesis has successfully implemented its IP networking solutions in two of the most prestigious stadiums where IPL-6 matches are going to be held, Eden Garden andGuwahati Cricket Stadium. The implementation was completed on time. I am sure the quality of Allied Telesis video networking will provide lot of physical and IP surveillance security in the cricket ground.”