Eggs, ink thrown at Arvind Kejriwal in Varanasi! … For what Crime?

During his visit of Varanasi yesterday; first eggs and later on ink was thrown at Arvind Kejriwal. Can we ask for what crime Arvind Kejriwal has to suffer this humiliation?

Some among us will say — he ditched people of Delhi, he tells lies, he makes unsubstantial charges on opponents,… some will call him downright fake. But do these charges make him suitable for such humiliation?

The answer is NO.

Arvind Kejriwal may have promised moon to the people and delivered nothing. But still he has not done anything to be at the receiving end of eggs or black ink or a slipper.

That apart, make a list of all the politicians at the receiving end of eggs, slippers or ink in the last one decade. You will find not a single politician from the BJP in this list. That is surprising, when BJP has ruled both at the Centre and the states during this period.

It’s time we stop seeing eggs, slippers or ink as a vehicle of people’s disappointment. Disappointed people are not Selective. Political People are.